Weddings for Warriors


Memorial Day.

The holiday that brings visions of barbecues, pool parties and one-day-only sales. But why? When did it become more about beer and grilling ribs than the men and women who paid the ultimate price for us to do so?

This is the very conversation my fiancé and I had in the car after we saw a veteran eating alone a few days before memorial day while leaving In N Out. The sight broke my heart and got me to thinking… We need to do more. I need to do more…more than just buying the man that fought for our freedom a milkshake on our way out the door.

To be brutally honest with you, my heart was never called to serve soldiers. I’ve never had family see combat or close friends enlist. It wasn’t until I began dating my fiancé, who has many friends currently serving and known men who had lost their lives in combat, that I began to even slightly comprehend the immense sacrifices these men and women make. As I heard more and more stories from his friend’s experiences in the military, I decided I needed to do more. Way more.

With an extensive past in the non-profit realm, tons of awesomely generous friends in the wedding industry, and some pretty killer negotiation skills, I decided to launch a yearly fundraising campaign lovingly called Weddings for Warriors. With this program, I will donate my services for a year, bring together a killer team of vendors and raise money for a dream wedding for a soldier. We are so excited to get to bless a soldier and their partner in this way. We will begin fundraising TODAY (so, go donate now!) and once we have hit a certain number, we will begin accepting applications for exceptional soldiers (not that every single soldier isn’t amazing) You can nominate yourself or a friend and all you have to do is tell us why you think they are the most deserving candidate. We will review them (and probably bawl like babies) and choose one exceptional couple!

The first round of fundraising has officially begun. So, please think about the immense sacrifices these men and women (and their families) make for us every single day and ask yourself what you can sacrifice. Is it a Starbucks a day for a month? ($90) Is it one lunch out a week for a year? ($600) You would be surprised how much these little things add up.
And they matter! Especially considering the average cost of a wedding in Arizona is $27,000. We will need all the generosity we can get!

So, hop on board with us and let’s bless one amazing military couple!

Donate using the link below: