5 Steps to Choosing a Color Palette

We all know one of the first steps to designing your wedding is deciding on a color palette, but many brides don’t know where to go to from there. There are so many options! Don’t fret, we are here to help!

First things first…

The Venue.
If you already have a venue this is a great place to start! It is very important that your color palette doesn’t clash with the colors that are already at the venue. Many resorts and specialty venues purposely keep their décor neutral, but more times than not, some wacky colors sneak their way in. The biggest culprit? Ballroom carpets! This is a minor detail many brides and designers overlook because the common misconception is: “well, once all the tables and linens are in there, nobody will notice.” Right? Wrong! If you are having your wedding in a ballroom, take note of the colors that are utilized in the carpet. Too many colors overload the brain and result in a less “put together” look.

Flower Power.
Do you absolutely love all white florals? What about blush peonies? These are all things to think about before you choose your palette. I always guide my clients to go with what they have an “emotional connection” with first. If for you, that is flowers. (like it is for me!) Run with it! Your flowers can (and should) add a complementary color to your palette and you definitely should add the main color of them to your palette to make sure you like the way all design elements go together. For example, I would hate for you to choose a deep eggplant and gold as colors in your palette without remembering you are dying to have bright yellow sunflowers in your bouquet! Remember, all elements should coordinate!

What are you wearing?

Even if you haven’t bought your dress or have bridesmaids dresses picked out yet, I always encourage my brides to think about the weddings they have seen and liked. You may very well have a color palette in your mind picked out that you don’t even know about yet! For instance, do you want a more neutral color for your maids or do you want them in bold colors? Have you always pictured your man in a black tux or a khaki suit? This is your day to fulfill everything you have ever imagined and if dress is where your emotional connection is, start here! If you aren’t sure if you have colors in mind for bridesmaids and groomsmen, start pinning your favorite weddings on a separate board. You may find that you naturally gravitate to a certain color scheme.

Buttoned up bride? Or bohemian bride?
If you aren’t sure where to start, its always helpful to think about you and your groom’s personality. Are you more casual and playful or a bit more prim and proper? This is important because some color schemes are inherently more formal than others. Now, casual palettes can always be made more formal and vice versa  (I always like my brides to bend the rules a bit!) But, if you’re not a rule bender, consider your personalities and the wedding culture you want to create.
                       Formal:                                                                              Informal:

Baby it’s cold outside…
Last but not least, season! This is a great thing to consider before you decide on your colors. While, like I said, I encourage my brides to be rule benders, certain color schemes do evoke certain seasons! If you would like your color scheme to be cohesive with the season your wedding is being held in, consider these two schemes:

                          Autumn:                                                                       Spring:



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