Our Engagement Story

Hi dolls! It has been a long time since I have written (so sorry!) but, it has been for an exciting reason…I’M ENGAGED! EEEEK!!!!  I have spent so many years helping brides navigate this exciting, emotional, stressful, crazy beautiful time in their life and now I get to see it from their perspective and WOW, do I have even more respect for my amazing Skyla Brooke Brides now! The emotions and stress is real you guys! It took two whole days for me to even process the idea that I am, in fact, a fiancee’ and somebody wants me for life. ME?! WHAT!?

It was about a month ago when I took a lovely bride and groom on a morning walk through of a quaint little garden venue. My fiancé had been sick with food poisoning (yuck!) for a few days straight. Needless to say, I wasn’t getting much sleep and woke up about 30 minutes before I had to leave the house to meet my clients. So, I put my hair in my typical “It’s hot and I’m tired topknot”, slipped on my favorite nude pumps and went out the door. I walked into the venue and met the owner, who led me outside into the courtyard garden to meet my clients. Standing there was just that….an engaged couple (no surprises yet!) I introduced myself and began our walkthrough. It wasn’t soon before they looked behind them and told me my REAL nine o’ clock appointment was behind me. There he was. In my favorite outfit, standing under the old gazebo covered in vines.

At this point, I’m not going to lie to you… I was thinking “babe. What are you doing here? You’re killing my appointment!” We had plans to go to brunch after my meeting so he looked at me and just said “I have a nice brunch planned.” I asked him what he was doing there when his eyes began to well up. Then it finally hit me! I put down what my clients like to call my “Mary Poppins bag” that I use to carry all my wedding planner “secrets" and ran to him. Warning: This is where it gets all kinds of sappy and mushy gushy. I was shaking, crying, and (I’m not going to lie) still concerned about my appointment when he got down on one knee. I was so shocked. Is this happening? Am I dreaming? wait…how’s my hair? I did the typical “I’m getting proposed to” reaction with my hand over my mouth and tears running down my face. I said yes (supposedly, I don’t remember) and we hugged and cried and kissed and cried until he asked if I wanted to see the ring. GUYS, I was so lost, I didn’t even think to see the ring until a good five minutes after he proposed. It was everything I could have ever dreamed of.

I was then informed that my bride and groom were actually a photographer and videographer and had been taking photos and video of the entire thing! My fiancé was wearing a hidden lapel microphone the. whole. time. I, of course, lost it once again after hearing all of the planning and thought that went into this and then somehow had to pull it together to take some photos. The whole time I was in between passing out, vomiting, and crying. Something I honestly didn’t think a body was humanly possible of feeling all at once. After the photos, I was so excited for the brunch he had planned.

He drove me to my sisters house where he held and impromptu engagement party with only my immediate family and a childhood friend. Just how I would have planned it myself. My mom answered the door and once I saw her, I started bawling like a baby! I promise you I have never cried that much in one day in my entire life. After I hugged and cried on each and every person there. I heard a voice from the back of my sisters house shouting “I know you can’t get engaged without me!!!” As if I had not had enough emotions for the day…my best friend in the entire world flew in from Texas to be there. I swear to you, my body just gave up. I didn’t run towards her or even say hi. I stood in the middle of my sister’s living room crying and just waited for her to come hug me! It was incomprehensible to me that all these people loved me so much to plan a day like this. We ate and drank and cried and laughed and shared in one of my favorite memories of my life.

And just like that…I’m a taken woman! It will be a while before we set a date because my Skyla Brooke Brides always come first. But, be sure to stay tuned for what I can only imagine will be tons of wedding planning revelations from a professional planner on the other side of it all! Did getting engaged change your opinion on different aspects of a wedding or the planning process? I would love to hear from you!