4 Wedding Planning Myths

You said yes! Horray!!! You have been dreaming about this day your whole life and so many fun things are in your future! Then.....it happens. After a few dress fittings and venue visits, reality sinks in and you start to think "Am I just bad at this whole wedding planning deal?" Well, I am here to remind you to be kind to yourself sister! This list was compiled after witnessing so many of my Skyla Brooke Brides wrestle with the assumptions they went into the wedding planning process with. Luckily, I get to hold their hand every step of the way and give them guidance and assurance. I hope this list does the same for you too!


1) You will magically have “super duper wedding planning powers”- I can’t tell you how many brides schedule a consultation with me and the first thing they tell me is “I had no idea how stressful this would be.” and I always answer with the same thing…”You’re not supposed to know!” Who could ever suspect the whirlwind of happiness, stress, financial strains, and emotions planning your wedding would be!? That is why you need a planner, an unbiased third party to present you with options, negotiate prices for you and give you their professional opinion!


2) Everyone will love everything you choose- Okay guys, you know I like to tell it like it is and here’s the hard truth…There will be people at your wedding who dont love everything. Cue gasp! Do you have the same exact taste as your mom? or your Maid of honor? Most likely, the answer is no. It is not important that your first choices are your bridal parties first choices (on dress, linens, shoes etc) What is important is that they support your decisions and want you to be happy.


3) You need to diet- Ew. EW. I hate this one. HATE IT. Please do not be starving yourself before your wedding and NEVER order a dress one size smaller hoping you will fit into it on the big day. Your fiance’ loves you the way you are…right? All your friends love you at this size…right? You want to look like yourself in photos…right? Catch my drift? Go eat a donut and drink some champagne sister. You enjoy this time!


4) You have to stick with tradition- No way ever! Don’t like to dance? Dont have a dance floor! Hate seated dinners? Cue the food trucks! I always ask my brides to describe to me what celebration is to them. For some of my brides, its breaking bread with their closest friends and family. For others, its dancing and drinking all night long. All too often when brides think of a “wedding” they think of a big dance floor with round tables draped in linens surrounding it. Guess what? That’s just a party! Yes, I called it a party. Your actual wedding is your ceremony, when you and your fiance’ commit your lives to each other. The only thing the reception is is a really awesome time to celebrate the ceremony! So, do you girl! And party however you want!

Photo credit: Lunabear Studios