Our Top 6 Hopes for Brides in 2016

Happy New Year ladies and gents! We are SO EXCITED for another year working with the best brides in Arizona (yeah, we said it.) Our brides are some of the most courageous, selfless and beautiful humans I have ever gotten to know and they have blessed this past year immensely. We typically spend a little over a year with our brides learning about their dreams, hopes and fears for their wedding day and the future. We feel so incredibly lucky to have that relationship with our brides and some of those worries and fears have helped us write this post. So, here it is. If you are a bride in 2016, here are our wedding planning hopes for you! 


      1. Don't be afraid to throw tradition to she wind! (or keep it!)

Have you always dreamed of tossing the bouquet? or do you feel uncomfortable doing the garter toss in front of grandma Agnes? Honor those feelings sister! All too often we hear brides concerned about what people will “expect” because of past weddings their guests may have gone to. Well guess what? Have your guests ever been to one of YOUR weddings? No! So, dont be afraid to honor what you have always wanted!


       2. Don't sacrifice because “its easier"

First off, I hear you girl. I’m engaged and there are many days I feel like just sacrificing details of my wedding I truly want and settling for something less because I dont have the “time” or its not “worth the fuss.” If you are feeling like that at any time, sister, it is time to hire a planner/designer! I work one million times harder for my brides than I will ever work on my own wedding. As women, we are so used to doing everything for other people and are used to settling for less than what we want for ourselves because we spend so much time giving to others. Please know that on your wedding day, you will so appreciate all the effort and sentiment that went into those tiny details you wanted to give up on and hiring a planner to help you with it will be 100% worth it! 


       3. Know you’re worth it

Wait, so I’m spending $xx,xxx on a party? So, everyone will be looking at me? YES! We hope that brides in 2016 will begin to be a bit more comfortable with their one and only day in the spotlight because you ARE worth it and…( see #4   )


       4. Know your guests think you’re worth it

Yes! Your guests think you’re worth it! Your guests are all there because they have played a big part in your life, your relationship and making you the awesome person you are today! They are there to love on you! Not just to eat and drink for free (I mean, it doesn't hurt…) But still,  They are there for you and your spouse and believe it or not, they think you’re worth all of it plus more!


       5. Make it all about your love

Do you hate cake but love gelato? What if you and your spouse really love burgers? I say swap that cake out for gelato and get your burger on girl! Today is about YOU! Your guests are coming because they want a taste of what you and your spouse’s life is like. Trust me, your guests aren’t going to miss the cake if the gelato is more representative of you. My brides are always so concerned about their guests (and we think they’re so amazing/selfless/perfect for that) BUT, Your guests want to learn more about what makes you two who you are. So, make that wedding all about your love! 


       6. Dare to be different

Do you secretly crave a warehouse bash but know mom wants a country club? Do you have a sleeve of tattoos but are afraid of what people will think if you show them off in that dress? Like we have said so many times, your guests are there for YOU! You don’t want to look back on your wedding and remember all the sacrifices you made because you thought your ideas were “too different” or “people may not like it.” Example time, boys and girls:  One of my brides said forget flower girls! Too traditional. Enter, CONFETTI GIRLS! Awesome? Yes. Uniquely “her”? Absolutely! Don’t be afraid to make your wedding uniquely you… because you’re a bridal badass.

That wraps up our hopes for brides in 2016. Party on people. 


Photo Credit: April Maura Photography